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Melt Flow Index

Melt Flow Index Equipment :

MFI Testing MachinesMelt Flow Index defines the fluidity of any plastic material while it is in process of moulding and/or extrusion. It measures the rate of flow of the selected plastic raw materials at specific temperature and pressure.

PRESSMEX has indigenously designed and developed melt flow index equipment to meet Indian & international specification and/or standard to measure Melt Flow Index under strict quality control standards with best materials, accessories and workmanship. It comprises of carbon alloy steel harden, ground polished and hard-crome plated extrusion cylinder with close tolerance sized, hardened ground, polished and hard-crome plated piston with necessary guides and dead-weight carrier provision. Best quality of thermocouple located at nearest position to sense correct and accurate temperature of molten material passing through the orifice-jet. Solid state micro -processor PID Temp. controller is provided on panel to read accurate temp. with least count of 0.1 C.

There is a simple and convenient arrangement to assemble and dismental different sized jet bush with main extrusion cylinder as it needs to clean the complete system after the test is completed.

A complete kit of tools to conduct the test as well as for cleaning and maintenance/services is supplied alongwith the equipment.

All necessary dead weight of S.S. 304 or duly hard-crome plated is provided to measure flow index from 0.1 to 25

There is a adjustable electronic digital timer provided on panel. Time duration of the flow can be read and measured with pre-determined accuracy of 0.1 second. As the set duration of time is completed a buzzer will sound with advance audio signal. All these supporting devices leads to most accurate and reliable performance and results.

The construction and design of this equipment is fabricated from C.R.C.A. sheet duly powder coated, treated with adequate chemicals to ensure longest durability and performance.

This equipment is strictly as per the technical specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards, ASTM and BS Standards. IS : 2530, 1963. ASTM : D 1238.

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Melt Flow Indexer or MFI tester manufacturers, Pressmex is located at Mumbai India. Melt flow index testing machines or equipments are used to define the fluidity of plastic material for process of moulding and/or extrusion.